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Why consider a career in Construction?

A job in construction offers many opportunities, some of which you may have not considered before. Alongside this, the industry is growing and skilled workers are in high demand. This means that in the future there will be an even bigger need for construction workers.

Now is definitely the perfect time to consider a career in construction. Below, we discuss the benefits of working for this industry in more detail.

Always in high demand

This industry is always in demand. Just think about how many times you walk past a construction site or a house undergoing building work. Currently, there’s an increasing need for more and more houses and business space to be built. Alongside this, skills shortages are affecting the industry, so you’re never going to be short on work.

For you, this means more choice. If one company doesn’t suit your needs you can join another, or if you want to move location (more or less anywhere in the world), you shouldn’t have trouble finding a job. This means that you can rest assured that a long-term career is possible in this industry.

Opportunities for career progression

A career in construction has great earning potential if you’re willing to work hard and put in the time. You could branch out by running your own company when you have enough experience in the industry; many construction workers have found success through doing so. What’s more, you could work in a managerial role by working your way up in the company; again, this would require experience but it is achievable.

Further responsibilities can come from designing and planning projects that would help you to join in on the creative side of the career. And, if you’re worried about the manual labouring aspect of the role, it’s possible to move into office based positions over time.

Multiple routes into the industry

Nowadays there are some industries which you’re restricted in based on your qualifications and experience. However, in construction, there are multiple routes into the industry. You don’t need a degree which will be a bonus for many people!

Common routes into this industry include an apprenticeship programme. Often you need a GCSE in English and Maths to get a place on these. However, individual colleges and companies will have their own criteria. If you don’t have the qualifications it’s worth finding out if you can learn on the job. Companies will value workers who are keen to learn – you could phone up your nearest construction company to find out.

Although, if you do have a degree, this career path is also suitable for you. There are a range of graduate schemes and roles to suit your experience. This makes the industry very adaptable for everyone.


Whether you like having guidance from others, or would prefer to work for yourself, this industry is extremely flexible. You could choose to be self-employed, meaning you get to pick your holiday time, hours and get to be your own boss. This means you can make your own decisions, choose how much work you take on and even employ others to help you.

If you love to travel, you could find a company that does construction projects abroad. After all, the world is constantly developing and you can get involved with this.

In summary

Construction is a great industry to work in and is full of opportunities for you. No matter what your skill level or experience, there are many different routes into the industry. Moreover, it continues to grow and is extremely profitable. So now is the right time to set up your career in this industry for the future.


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