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Could YOU be a recruiter?

Excelling in recruitment is all about having the right personality, work ethic, and attitude, not necessarily experience or qualifications. Which is why we hire based on your personal strengths and potential, rather than your CV or background.

At Strata, we pride ourselves on our culture. Our office has a fun enthusiastic atmosphere, where we encourage and strive for success. We empower our people and provide them with the opportunity to pursue personal growth and career aspirations.

So what does it take to become a top recruitment expert?

You are a highly driven professional individual looking for an opportunity to grow your career in a company with an excellent reputation.

In an interview we expect candidates to have done their homework on our company, have a genuine interest in it, and ask lots of questions about the role, without prompting.

Ultimately, this is a very challenging yet rewarding industry, and what you get out of it is entirely dependent on the effort you put in. You’ll often be required to share your knowledge with clients and candidates across your network, which demands good people and communication skills.

You need a have a strong work ethic, a desire to meet and exceed targets.

This is a results-oriented business, which means you must be extremely driven. A genuine interest in helping people and learning about the roles you are recruiting for is a must. Successful consultants are the ones that put the creation of lasting and profitable relationships at the top of their priorities, then maintain these relationships by providing them with the very best service possible, 100% of the time. This means always being prepared to go that extra mile.

You need to be confident, competitive, ambitious, and looking for a position that gives you the chance for self-development whilst being well rewarded for your hard work.

At Strata we work hard and celebrate success with very generous rewards. Some of these are personal to you, commission, bonus days, and some are company targets, so you don’t just need to be ambitious for yourself, you’ll also need to be ambitious for clients, candidates, and the whole small-but-awesome Strata team.

You are committed to getting the job done right - first time, every time. But when you do make mistakes, you're eager to learn and grow.

Recruitment is an often challenging but very rewarding profession to be a part of. Whatever level you are at there will inevitably be highs and lows. Some lows will be out of your control (economic, oversaturation of the market, etc.), and some lows will be your fault - we're all human after all.

How you handle these challenges can make or break you, and ultimately your success will be dependent on how strong a personality you have.

Think you might have what it takes to join our team? Send your CV to

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