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Reasons to catch up with your Recruiter.

You've started your new role and so far so good - so why stay in contact?

Construction recruitment is a huge arena, and there is always more than one perfect job, so it can be very advantageous to keep that rapport going that you have spent time cultivating, even if you have no plans to jump right back in to searching for a new job.

1. Career Advice

It’s our job to make sure you’re happy in the right role, so hearing from you after you’ve settled into your new job will mean a lot. Even if you are happy, it doesn't mean you have to stand still forever, most of us are keen to see our careers advance and develop. We are a valuable resource that can provide career coaching and offer advice and market intelligence to help you plan your next move forward.

2. Learn about new opportunities first

If you came across a job with a great company, higher salary, and closer to home would you go for it? Probably yes, but if you are happy where you are and not actively looking then you'll never know about it. Maintaining a connection with us means you’ll be first in mind when a new opportunity crosses our desk. We'll make sure you know about any roles you are suitable for, and even if you are not ready to move, you'll be up to date with what similar jobs are out there for what salaries - always useful to know!

3. Keep your relationship going

For as long as your working life lasts, we will always have your back and stay on the lookout for the best opportunities for you. Working exclusively with one consultant can also help your chances when applying, as the better we know you, the better we can promote you for potential new opportunities.

4. Support your own hiring needs

You might well find that your as your career progresses, your position changes from candidate to recruiter. If your responsibilities include finding people to join your team, we can help you find and hire new staff. Even if you’re not actively recruiting yet, we have access to research and market intelligence so you can plan your hiring strategy accordingly, and that can make your search for the right candidate far easier and less stressful.

Get back in touch with your recruiter today. it is one of the best career decisions you can make and you never know where it could lead.

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