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Want to save time and money when hiring? Here's how we can help.

The recruitment process can be both time-consuming and costly. It’s no wonder more and more companies are working smarter by outsourcing all the hard work.

From sifting through piles of CVs to paying for your vacancies to be advertised and more, the time and financial costs of recruitment can really add up, and that’s before you take into account that your prospective candidates may decide to not even accept your job offer!

To add to the challenge, Brexit and Covid-19 have propelled us into a candidate-led market, where talented candidates are fewer and are being sought by businesses, rather than candidates fighting for roles (as was the case just a few short years ago).

Thankfully, we are on hand to not only help source and attract these gold-dust candidates for you but keep the monetary and time costs associated with this down! Read on to find out how…

We can save you time by:

1. Creating your job adverts

It can take a long time to get a job advert just right, it is no longer simply a case of describing what the role is, or what salary the successful candidate can expect, it needs to be exciting, enticing and persuasive to attract the right calibre of candidate. We already have all the know-how required to write a job ad for you, and will know exactly where to share this to ensure the best matched candidates come racing to your door!

2. Reviewing CVs and applications

If your job advert is a success, you’ll likely receive dozens of applications. Of course, the more CVs you receive, the longer it will take to review them. This can then be extra frustrating if the wrong kind of /unqualified candidates apply for the role.

We will know exactly what to look out for and filter CVs and applications down for you in a fraction of the time, only forwarding you ones suitable for the role you have on offer.

3. Finding the right candidates for you

If, however, you are struggling to attract candidates in the first place (as is the case for numerous businesses in today’s candidate-led climate), your team will likely find themselves spending vast amounts of their precious time trawling through recruitment sites and platforms such as LinkedIn to find the right calibre of talent.

This is also something that we manage on a daily basis – we know exactly when and where to find just the right candidates for your vacancy.

4. Vetting candidates beforehand

There’s no greater waste of time in recruitment than a candidate attending an interview who is nothing like they seemed on paper.

We take the time to get to know every candidate to establish exactly who they are as a person, as well as a candidate, and ensure they’re the right kind of individual to work for your business before putting them forward for interview.

5. Scheduling interviews

In today’s increasingly busy landscape, scheduling interviews can take up a lot more time than many businesses initially realise.

What’s more, with candidates now having so much choice for work opportunities and other potential interviews, there’s the added pressure of ensuring that your business stands out when you even first invite the candidate in for a meeting!

An experienced recruitment agency will do this on a daily basis, so they’ll know just how to pitch the role and your business to re-ignite candidate interest and help you stand out from the crowd, as we’ll get your perfect interview time, date and place in the calendar with only a few minutes’ consultation with you!

6. Giving feedback to candidates, whether successful or unsuccessful

After a lot of interviews, getting back to every candidate – especially if you are giving individual feedback – is yet another time-consuming job to do.

Our consultants have a lot of experience in this, and they’ll happily and easily take up this mantle for you. For the successful candidate, they’ll also be able to relay start dates and times to take this additional pressure off your team!

We will also save you costs by:

1. Removing the need to pay for advertising

We share job postings on a plethora of the best job boards, including LinkedIn, CV Library, Indeed, Reed, to name a few, Plus our own website and social media. This therefore negates the need for you to pay pricey ad fees, memberships, and subscriptions.

2. Prevent the costs associated with hiring the wrong candidate

Because we will have really taken the time to get to know the candidates applying to work at your company, we only put forward the best possible individuals for you, rather than those who won’t suit the role.

This then significantly reduces the risk of hiring the wrong candidate and paying the (literal) price of poor performance, re-hiring, and additional training.

In Summary…

We make hiring easy. It's that simple.

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