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What to do if your job doesn't match your expectations

Despite all the careful research, planning, and sailing through the interview, there are no guarantees your 'dream' job will be all that you hoped for. It could be that the culture that you were promised didn't materialise, or that day to day tasks just don't live upto what was advertised. Maybe everything started off great then changed and over time. Either way, at some point you may find yourself starting to feel unhappy, frustrated or unfulfilled in your role, and anxious to try and get your career back on track.

Here are some tips to help.

Raise any issues with your manager

Before you do anything else, speak to your manager. Explain any concerns you have. Make it constructive and not just a rant, and have clear solutions that you'd ideally like to see put into place. It could be that your manager is already aware of these and is working on a plan to remedy things, didn't realise there even were any issues, or had clean forgotten. Positive communication is key, don't get derailed or go on on a tangent, stick to the goal of steering your role back to its original course.

Make a sideways move

If after your meeting it doesn’t appear that the job you originally applied for is going to rematerialise, it is worth considering whether there are any alternative internal roles you could take on. Do some research and see what’s on offer – you may even find something even better than your original role.

Move on

If you find yourself no nearer to satisfaction, it may be wise to consider other roles that are better suited to what you are looking for. Remember while it's always dissapointing when a job does not deliver what you hope for, the next one may deliver more than you hoped and be much closer to your expectations. Revise your CV and speak to a recruiter to help speed up your search.

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